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Qualities of Trustworthiness (EP 112)

Welcome to Coffee with the Sarlos! This week’s episode was inspired by a client of Karen’s who came in wanting to know why young children were so drawn to her. The guide’s answer was her trustworthiness. But who knew that not everyone knows the qualities of trustworthiness?!

Karen and Kelly are spelling it out for you. What makes a person trustworthy? Which of those qualities makes a relationship function properly? Which quality has to be missing for trustworthiness and security to break down? Is it our fault or another individual’s fault if we cannot trust them? How long can we stay in an untrustworthy relationship? And at what cost?

Today’s one hour episode is jam-packed with noteworthy ideas about trustworthiness. Make sure you grab a pen and paper or drag your partner, boss or coworker in for a good listen! Just kidding- Invite them in!

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!

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Resources for Today’s Podcast:

Dr. Susan Foward

Patricia Evans