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Compliments from Wendy for Karen

My journey with Karen has been an amazing one, to say the least. She is absolutely the most gifted, loving, truthful and supportive person I have ever met. The death of four of my family members had left me in pain, physically and emotionally. I tried massage therapy, chiropractors and physiotherapy to try dealing with my ailments, however, it wasn’t until I met Karen and began sessions with her that I was able to get to the root of my problems and find a gentle, loving way to heal from all of the hurt I had been through. My family who has predeceased me were always there with so very much love and guidance. I was able to heal on an emotional level, moving through my grief, and have found peace within my heart. I have also been able to heal on a physical level, and, much to my surprise, on a spiritual level as I have been able to open up my own gifts and am now able to continue having a loving relationship with my soul family for which I will always treasure. I wish to thank Karen and all the universal love that supports her in her endeavours. I, as well as they, know that we can rely on Karen to provide this most-needed service to humanity, straight from the heart. Love you!!
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