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SoS – PTSD from Military (July 2017 – EP2)

Welcome to Sips of Sanity for the month of July! Karen and Kelly are discussing a very important topic that is affecting our entire planet in many different ways and that is PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The intention for this mini series is to draw greater awareness not just to the effects of PTSD, but to the process itself so that individuals are better able to identify those events in their lives that generate the unwanted physiological and emotional responses PTSD is responsible for. This process is what allows people to care for themselves properly and seek the proper help from qualified professionals. 
Episode two speaks directly to military related PTSD where the ladies discuss two different ideas of when PTSD begins- during training or after the departure of the military. Soldiers may argue differently based on when they started noticing the symptoms, but what Karen and Kelly are trying to illustrate for listeners is that there is a particular moment in training for each military participant where the shattering of the soul takes place- the point of injury. Whether or not they recognize this moment and no matter how long it takes for symptoms to present themselves or for an individual to identify them, the neurological existence of PTSD settles into the human body and begins to wreak havoc on its victims. 
Based on a non-linear idea that our behaviours are preceded by emotion, our emotion by events and thoughts and that those thoughts and events can affect and be affected by a fundamental belief system (see illustration below), Karen and Kelly are simply and slowly dissecting this process so that listeners can identify themselves as this process relates to them and begin to choose how they move forward in their own journey of healing.
If you have questions or comments about today’s show you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!
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