Anxiety (EP 96)

Anxiety seems to be at an all-time high for most people right now, whether it’s about your own personal life or concerns for where the fate of this planet is headed. The intention for this week’s episode of Coffee with the Sarlos is to bring awareness to the various sources of anxiety as well as to provide listeners with a variety of tools that you can implement when anxiety strikes.

Aha! moments are bound to happen as you carry on through this week’s episode as you begin to identify your own personal causes for anxiety. Many listeners are here because your own intuitive gifts are opening up and you’re searching for tools to not only strengthen, but cope with them too. This podcast aims to do just that- provide you with those tools, remind you that what you’re experiencing (however new or inconvenient it may be) is entirely normal and to help you feel connected to humans again!

So whether you’re experiencing physical symptoms of heightened anxiety, desires to retreat from any and all social situations, obsessive thoughts, panic attacks or sleepless, fitful nights, this episode of Coffee with the Sarlos will leave you with a list of things you can do to help yourself or the loved ones in your life who are enduring these anxious times.

If you have questions or comments about today’s show, you can email Karen and Kelly at Enjoy!

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