• Dr. Susan Forward

The Best of 2017 – #8 – Dr. Susan Forward (EP 107)

Dr. Susan Forward is FINALLY here! After 106 episodes of Coffee with the Sarlos, Karen and Kelly are thrilled to welcome the best selling author they are referring every single one of their clients to! 

Susan Forward is one of the nations leading psychotherapists and to date, has penned 9 self-help books, two of which today’s podcast episode focuses on- Toxic Parents and Emotional Blackmail. In an effort to wake clients and listeners up to the reality of their abusive relationships and a hopeful future for them, Karen and Kelly frequently suggest Dr. Susan Forward’s books to individuals who have a history of abuse from their parents and/or their significant other relationships (inclusive of all physical, emotional and mental forms).

Each one of Susan’s books is thoughtfully worded and formatted for self-help seekers so they can both digest the information and feel empowered by her real-life examples to then go back to the necessary relationships and implement simple, productive tools to produce change. These changes allow people not only to reduce anxiety and depression, but to fully live in authentic, respectful relationships. 

Karen and Kelly are so excited to share Dr. Susan Forward with all of you. If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!

If you wish to reach Dr. Susan Forward directly for questions, comments or counselling you can do by emailing susanforward6@aol.com

Thinking about ordering Dr. Susan Forward’s books? Click the links below for the books discussed in today’s episode of Coffee with the Sarlos.

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