The Best of 2017 – #9 – The Importance of Community with Harriet Madigan (EP 115)

Good morning and happy Saturday! Special guest, Harriet Madigan is sharing the mic with Karen and Kelly this morning discussing the vital importance of community. It is an understatement to say that Harriet is the heart of  North Bay. She began her career as a teacher for at-risk students teaching them family life skills and has taken on incredible community initiatives such as the Heritage Gardeners, Living Fit Inside Out and her newest undertaking, a one-stop website for all community events. 

The ladies are most excited to have Harriet on the show today so she can share the intention that drives her to create such wonderful institutions. For Harriet, community and family are synonymous terms. Her focus has always been on providing the feeling of family and community to those around her and encouraging individuals to create that for others as well. She works hard to educate, motivate and inspire gossip-free, complaint-free and criticism-free environments to foster the feelings Karen and Kelly consistently speak about- safety and love. 

You will marvel at Harriets achievements and most certainly want to thank her for what she has given this local community. And hopefully, like Karen and Kelly, you’ll want to be just like Harriet when you grow up!

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