The Best of 2018 – Karen’s Corner – Two Mediums, One House

*This is a re-post of an article Karen wrote for the magazine “North Bay Life” in 2017.

My 27 year old daughter and I live together in our home, where we also operate two separate practices as mediums.  The spirits roam freely here making themselves at home; turning on the microwave at 2am, sitting on the toilet in the middle of night and scaring the crap out of us.  Sometimes they sing and talk really loudly just when we are going to bed for the night. They float their heads past me when I’m showering, talking to me and giving me messages for the day ahead.  When I drink my protein smoothie in the morning for breakfast they talk about their lives and the pain they had, who they are helping on earth and why. They sit in the backseat of the car so when I look in the rearview mirror I can see them.  They blow cigarette smoke at my face and I hate the smell of it. My lungs fill up and I choke and cough. My chest aches and I feel like my heart will surely burst out of my chest with the pain of it all. I debate if I should drive straight to the hospital or call an ambulance.  Kelly asks me what is wrong and I tell her how I feel and she calmly asks me if it is “mine” or “someone else’s stuff”. This is always our question. We ask it of ourselves and each other a dozen times a day, at least. I pause in my feelings of panic and distress, and ask myself this question.  I wait, patiently, for all of the symptoms to register in my brain and add a few more. Okay, I also have a sore right knee now and I am worried about my dog. No wait. I don’t have a dog so this isn’t my stuff after all. It took a couple of minutes but I’m okay. No need for a trip to the hospital.  Within a couple of minutes all of the symptoms stop and I store them in my memory or jot them down on paper so when the right time arises I can get all of this affirmed. Okay so here’s the note: cigarette smoke, lungs, chest pain, right knee, dog. Can I get anymore about the dog please? I can see him, brown and black, with an amputated hind leg, right side.  That should do. Specifics. Kelly and I like specifics because it makes things easier to sort when you are getting so much information all day long.

They are helpful too.  They try to give us as much as we can take and hold onto so we can remember and so we can pass all of this along to the person who needs to hear all of this.  It isn’t any of our business why the person needs it or what it will mean to them, how they will accept it or, refuse it.

Ah……refuse it.   People’s reactions to who we are can help us understand ourselves, our gifts and the spirits who come to stay with us for awhile.

As mediums, both of us feel everything.  We use all of our senses but feeling seems to be the biggest for us.  The hardest part is figuring out if it our own stuff or someone else’s.  We also have to figure out if it is a dead person’s stuff from their life on earth or if it is someone’s else’s who is still alive because we get both.  The spirits don’t always help us understand this or give us all the answers. I wonder sometimes why they don’t. You would think we have enough to process without trying to discern if we need to visit a hospital or not.  But as life will have it, this is a part of our learning curve as mediums and empaths.

As the day progresses a feeling will come when we are in the right situation or conversation to ask a person if they lost a dog with an amputation and when we make the connection then we can give the rest of the information and open the channel to communicate for them.  It happens like this all of the time. I often feel like life is just a series of constant puzzles and I am in several at once. Sound confusing? It is and it takes time and great effort to sort it all out and organize it. When no one wants to help me by assisting in confirming the dog is theirs, when they walk away and their dog has to stand beside me and say it’s sorry that their owner didn’t want to hear  that their smoking will cause them heart problems and that their home has fire safety issues that will lead to a fire…..I have to walk away and be silent. I am sad that their dog’s messages fell on death ears. They won’t know they will hurt their knee and that their dog will be there in spirit to help them.

But when someone listens or at least is open to try to listen to the messages, it makes having these gifts a joy.  It is worth being surprised in the middle of the night or feeling the body discomforts for a few minutes.

They can make us laugh too and feel so much love we want to burst with it all.

One Christmas day at dinner time, a gentleman spirit stood at our dining room table and told me his wife Margaret would be calling me shortly to book an appointment.  He said to tell her his name was Walter and that he loved her and would be here to visit with her when she came for the appointment. He wished her a beautiful Christmas day and to their daughter,  Gwen. I never heard a word my daughter and son said of course, as I was listening to him. As you can imagine, my children were annoyed with my lack of attention to their conversation. This is a big problem when there are a constant line of spirits moving through the house for both Kelly and I.  You may think we have to choose whom to listen to, the people or the spirit. It is often a dilemma and can depend on what gets your attention the most.

Often we hear and see the same spirits at the same time.  Kelly and I can have a full conversation with them and give their family members the same messages or add onto each other’s messages for them.   But this can also mean that we don’t hear each other talking.

Even though my children can be temporarily annoyed with me, once his wife, Margaret called and I passed along his message to her and Gwen, we could resume our family time and be together.  It gives Kelly permission to take her time to receive her messages and use her gifts too. We get to support each other.

It’s a balance.   It may be a different one having two of us in the same home but I think it is an amazing one.  It requires that we respect each other, that we are patient with each other, and that we encourage and support each other.

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