The Best of 2017 – #1 – Leaving a Narcissist (EP 127)

Leaving a Narcissist can be one of the most traumatic and terrifying experiences of life- potentially physically, but most certainly [...]

The Best of 2017 – #3 – The Verbally Abusive Relationship with Patricia Evans (EP 114)

Please give your warmest welcome to today's guest- the incomparable woman and author, Patricia Evans! Today's episode of Coffee with [...]

The Best of 2017 – #4 – Control vs. Love Part II (EP 122)

In part two of the podcast Control vs. Love Karen and Kelly offer more client stories where both humans and [...]

The Best of 2017 – #5 – Control vs. Love Part I (EP 121)

Is controlling someone a form of love? Does loving someone mean you have the right to control them? Today's show [...]

The Best of 2017 – #7 – Mirror-Touch Synesthesia (EP 111)

Mirror-Touch Synesthesia may be a new term presented in this show, but is a concept you will certainly be familiar [...]

The Best of 2017 – #9 – The Importance of Community with Harriet Madigan (EP 115)

Good morning and happy Saturday! Special guest, Harriet Madigan is sharing the mic with Karen and Kelly this morning discussing [...]

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