The Best of 2018 – Coffee with the Sarlos – What It Means to Be Self-Absorbed- with Nina Brown (EP 169)

Today is another milestone for both Karen and Kelly! World-renown and bestselling author Nina W. Brown is on today's episode [...]

The Best of 2018 – Karen’s Corner – What is an intuitive? Could you be one?

We all have six senses and most of us can use them with ease, but, some people do not or cannot. Intuitive people use their intuition through all of these same senses and like other “regular” humans they do not or cannot use all of them. If you are a clairvoyant, you can see things other people cannot. This can include seeing people who have passed over (a medium), events that haven’t happened yet (prophetic), and generally all kinds of things that don’t actually exist in your current reality.


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The Best of 2018 – Coffee with the Sarlos – Follow Up with Search & Rescue (EP 166)

Three weeks ago Karen told the story about finding a missing person. Today, we have an update for you from [...]

The Best of 2018 – Karen’s Corner – All The Feels

When I was a child I hated watching Hockey Night In Canada and in particular, I couldn’t stand watching the fist fights. I felt like the punches hit me personally. If the hockey player took a blow to the head, my head hurt. I felt so upset I could cry. As a teenager I had a hard time being around people who drank alcohol, usually because it made me feel sick, dizzy and nauseated and very anxious. Later I would learn that this anxiousness is called anxiety. As an adult, it has been increasingly difficult to be around people.


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The Best of 2018 – Coffee with the Sarlos – Children of the Aging Self-Absorbed with Nina W. Brown Part I(EP 173)

Are you a child of an aging self-absorbed parent? Today's episode of Coffee with the Sarlos is definitely for you! [...]

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