• Sips of Sanity

Client Questions (October 2017 – EP5)

Nearly every first-time personal session Karen and Kelly conduct for their clients is somehow followed up with questions that illustrate an interest in how the women themselves discovered, developed and continue to live with these gifts. And rather than spend their clients hard-earned money answering questions about themselves, they’ve decided to use their podcast platform to answer some of the intriguing questions they have received over the years. 

Each episode features new questions with Karen and Kelly’s usual great banter and the inevitable lessons they have come to learn from both the spirit world and the humans. 

If you have questions or comments about today’s show you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!

Please forgive us for the strange static-like noise this episode. We’ve had tech guys on it and we cannot explain what’s happening. We are working hard to ensure the quality of our shows going forward, but did not want to leave our Sips of Sanity week incomplete!


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