Completely and Wonderfully Average (EP 98)

Welcome to Coffee with the Sarlos! This week’s episode stems from one of Kelly’s sessions with a friend who treated herself to a little pre-wedding gift- channeled messages from her father who passed over a decade ago. When client “Sarah” came in to connect to her deceased father, she never expected him to congratulate her on her very average life! In fact, that was a rather confusing message…

Most people strive for greatness, for extraordinary lives- the goals are endless and the efforts are quite tiresome, but the messages from this father were about highlighting the remarkable qualities of a very average life! An average life- one in which you live within your means, strive for connection in your relationships and enjoy the way you spend your time, rather than seeking to constantly ‘fill’ your time.

Sarah’s father’s pride in his daughter and son-in-law’s lives is one to be noted. During this podcast Kelly shares the wisdom this man discovered in his own untimely death and the hopes he carries for his surviving daughters and ex-wife. Karen and Kelly’s hope for this podcast is that you can draw your own parallels to the ways in which you live and see the world in order to reevaluate the kind of value or worth you are giving to your own self.

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