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Compliment from Alisha F. for Karen

Connecting with Karen’s soul is an absolute delight.

She generously shares every aspect of who she is with every individual who walks into her life. She lives a genuine life, and this is such a rarity in today’s society that a session with her is as much a revelation, as it is a relief.

So many people have said to me “I don’t believe in energy healing,” or, “I don’t believe in that stuff.” Now I feel compelled to say to each and every person who thinks this:

You do not need to believe in energy healing for it to be the truth. For as much as the Sarlo’s are deeply intuitive, empathic, and frankly, incredibly powerful beings, the reason they can heal people so completely is because they are consistently kind, considerate, conscientious and honest. They heal others by sharing the wholeness of themselves.

My session with Karen left me feeling overjoyed that I had finally experienced what it means for spirits to connect on such a genuine level. Both she and Kelly truly understand that we are all spiritually connected on this planet, and how beautiful it can be to fully embrace that universal truth.

Also, listening to your podcast about your Jesus dream made me think you might be interested in hearing mine. I’ve always been really close to Jesus, and I’ve been lucky enough to have seen him twice. Once in my dream, and once he just came to give me a hug in my meditation. My dream happened when I was first realizing I was gay. I knew that I was for sure gay around the age of 16 – grade 11. I went to Schollard and, as you know, the Catholics are total jackasses when it comes to the LGBTQ community. This was 2007 and so we didn’t have this new, chill Pope yet either. Even though in my heart I knew that there is no hell, a piece of me was still very afraid that I was going to be sent there.

Anyway, you know the scene from the Bible where the woman is getting stoned, and Jesus says, “Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone”?

Well, I was in that scene in my dream, getting stoned for being gay. I could literally feel the pain of the rocks in my dream. Then, all of the sudden it was gone. Normally, in waking life, pain dissipates, but this pain was gone right away and was replaced with warmth. I uncovered my head and looked up from the ground, and there was good ol’ Jesus, holding out his hand to me and helping me up. Except, he didn’t say to everyone “Let he who has not sinned blah blah blah.” He just made everyone stop and he helped me up.

Then we went for a walk. I honestly don’t remember what we talked about, except I do remember that he told me that he loves me no matter what, and he always will. He said he doesn’t care that I’m gay, he just wants me to love, and be loved. We were walking on a nice path by a river. It was such a nice day out. I wanted it to last forever. But he told me he had to go, so I gave him a big hug. I can still remember how wonderful that hug made me feel. In fact, I still remember how wonderful that dream made me feel.

I laughed in your podcast when you mentioned how sexy Jesus was, because as I was hugging him I said, “Damn Jesus, if I wasn’t gay I would be totally in to you.”  He just laughed and said “Oh, Alisha” (title of my autobiography) in his affectionate Jesus sort of way.

Alisha F.
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