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Compliment from Greg H. for Karen

All in one hour….that’s all it took for Karen to flip my world right side up.  She said it truthfully, kindly and right to the point.  I recorded every word and have played that tape over again almost every day since I saw her.  I need to because it reminds me what the truth is when the people around me make me confused and depressed.  It’s surprising what honesty does for you.  She gave me clarity and now I feel safe enough to make my own decisions and take little steps each day to live the way that is honest for me.  My family and co-workers are seeing a big change in my moods and I’m getting promoted at work now.  I continue to see Karen about once a month to check in and to get more tools to continue getting better.  We Skype or FaceTime together from my home in Amsterdam.  I have been sleeping so much better since I saw her too.  I didn’t understand the energy healing part of what she does but I don’t care….I’m sleeping again and that’s what matters to me…how I feel during our sessions and afterwards for weeks and months.  I’m not afraid to go to bed anymore and my anxiety is way better during the day.  This is a commitment I’m willing to do for myself and it’s been paying off.

Greg H., Amsterdam, Netherlands
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