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Compliment from Katie M. for Karen

My daughter saw Karen for a year, once a month for one hour. Kylah was severely depressed and isolating herself more and more every day. After just the first visit we saw an immediate change in her behavior and within only a couple of months, we saw her depression turn into a passion for life and a desire to share herself with everyone. Kylah said Karen and her gifts helped her understand herself and how her patterns in thinking caused her to criticize herself and the world around her. Kylah and Karen went back into Kylah’s past lives and did some work together. I didn’t understand it and still don’t but I’m really relieved it made a big enough difference to help Kylah get back to work and take chances again. Whenever she feels like she is sliding back, she returns for a refresher and feels good for several months at a time now. I’m so happy she has someone other than me to help her.
Katie M., Saskatoon
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