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Compliment from M.W for Karen

Mom had been an invalid for 8 years when I met Karen at an event I attended. Karen spoke about her gifts and how she uses them to help people heal, communicate and give messages. After the talk I called her to come and see Mom. Mom couldn’t speak, had very little movement at all and was in and out of sleep/consciousness for many years. Her nurses and caregivers helped me take care of her at home. The past 8 years had been wonderful, exhausting and difficult. Often I second-guessed myself about Mom’s needs and wants, as did her caregivers. We would try something new, but wondering how she really felt about it. Karen said she could communicate with people, their spirit and guides, so I thought we could try to reach Mom. I wanted so much to know how Mom was doing.
When Karen arrived, she told us specific details about Mom’s physical body. Quite often Karen got her messages by feeling them first in her own body and showing us where on her body Mom had a pain or physical problem. She was very accurate (including injuries and pains from Mom’s childhood and early married life). She told us Mom’s preferences too. She told us Mom wanted the curtains left open at night in her bedroom and that she would like the vanilla bath salts more than the lemon bath salts. Mom’s caregiver had bought the two scents for Mom as a Christmas gift (but it wasn’t Christmas and we hadn’t given them to Mom yet!) We had a good laugh about that. Mom’s caregiver also said she had asked Mom the night before if she would like the curtains open or not at night (Mom can’t speak) but we finally got her answer! There were so many little details Karen knew about and gave answers to for all of us. She told us about Mom’s grandchildren and the things Mom knew about their lives (including details during the 8 years she has been ill) that isn’t possible for Mom to actually know because no one has ever told her.
Speaking to Mom through Karen that day allowed me to feel confident that her caregivers and I are doing a wonderful job of loving and caring for her. I am calmer now, less stressed about my decisions…and I believe Mom is aware of more than I can possible know or understand. I can’t explain Karen or her gifts, but that isn’t what was important to me…how it made me feel is what is important.
I could write about so many more affirmations about that day but I chose something small like bath salts because I think a lot of people can relate to it….a small choice in your day that means something to you. Karen picked up on the big things and the small things. Both mattered enough to her to share with me on Mom’s behalf, something Mom can’t do for herself anymore.
M.W., North Bay Ontario Canada
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