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Compliment from Mani for Karen

I live in Dubai. I found Karen Sarlo in my dream. She even told me her name and then when I woke up, I googled her. Turns out she is a shaman/healer. Makes sense since in the dream she was in a white room helping people heal. So I called her and we had two appointments by Skype one month apart. She didn’t know it but the first apt was on my Dad’s birthday and the second one was on the day he died. She told me both of those things in our session and it blew me away. Needless to say, she opened up a door to something I hadn’t believed in before. TV and movies made that stuff scary for me. After talking to Karen, I feel my Dad is safe and happy since he died. She told me lots of things about his life and stuff about what has happened to me since he died a few years ago. She couldn’t possibly know this because I’m in Dubai and I never met her before. Also I gave her a fake name, but my Dad told her I did cause I was testing her. I felt bad afterward but she just continued on, not even mad at me. She was so happy just to give me messages from my Dad. I just wanted to write this so people will be nicer to her so she can just use her gifts and do what she loves.

I woke up feeling 100% loved. I will never, ever forget that dream.

Mani, Dubai
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