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Compliment from Penny T. for Kelly

I’ve looked to Karen Sarlo for her insights for many years. There are times when I know something about myself, but need validation. Karen’s insight always gives me what I need. There are times when I am totally in the fog about an aspect of my life so a session with Karen brings great clarity.

I’ve attended workshops led by Karen and Kelly to hone my own intuition. This has been an excellent investment in my confidence and has enhanced my performance as a coach and service provider in human relationships. When people hear my success stories and how Karen has helped me move forward in life and in my career, they ask for her phone number. Some of them are skeptical, and my advice is to just be open. Use every minute of the time you have in a session with these ladies to ask questions, and listen with an open mind. You don’t have to take any advice or information that you don’t want, but if you are holding back information or trying to qualify them as genuine you’re wasting your precious time with them. Investing in yourself increases your value to yourself and others. Karen and Kelly Sarlo are an excellent investment.

Penny T., North Bay
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