• Thank You for Karen

Compliment from Carole for Karen

Lately, I’ve been thinking about you, and the things that you’ve been helping me with in our treatments, specifically surrounding codependence. I always thought I “got it”, but it was just in the past few months that I really got it. It took me watching 3 of my girlfriends behave in ways that were frustrating to me, only to realize that it was ME that I was watching. Then I thought back to our treatments, and how patient you were while trying to make me understand. Now I get it, and I feel it. I really want to thank you for everything in the past 8 years. This is not good bye, as I am still planning to come by for a treatment now and then. I just really want to tell you that I appreciate everything that you’ve helped me with, and that my time with you has been very valuable to me.

Carole, North Bay
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