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Compliments from Amanda Cooley for Karen

I’ve known Karen for many years. She has always been someone I felt I could confide in. She has never judged me or thought my feelings were misplaced in any way so when I made the choice to see her for treatments, I knew that I would be welcomed with open arms and a loving smile. Karen provides a safe environment encouraging communication and emotional well-being and although sometimes I find it difficult to listen to my inner voice, Karen is there to help deliver any information in an empathetic tone. She always makes sure I’m comfortable with the information she is giving me and asks politely for my permission before going any deeper into the treatment. She has such a kind heart and she shows that when she cries with me and she laughs with me during the treatment. She feels every shift of my emotional state and stays connected to me through it all. She has helped me deal with deep-rooted emotional pain and has made me aware of how my physical pain is interconnected. Karen promotes truth. Telling the truth to others and to myself is a form of love and this, is what she believes, helps us heal. I am thankful for her teachings and having her in my life.
Amanda Cooley, Ruby Yoga
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