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Compliments from Andrew W. for Karen

There have been periods in my life with a chaotic rhythm. There was a helplessness to these phases; a complete lack of control. But the worst element of these episodes was the hangover of complete confusion. Why did that happen? Why did it happen to me? And especially what did I do wrong? I sought answers… I found none. This cycle continued for over half a decade. It is very important to stress that the self-doubt bred by my lack of answers poisoned a lot of who I was. It is frustrating to know that you are, and should be better than you allow yourself to be. It was in this mindset, and with an encouraging push from a family member, that I first met with Karen Sarlo. I am very grateful for that push. From the moment I sat down with Karen there was an undeniable sense that she was special. The ensuing sessions we have had proved special is not high enough praise. Karen is unbelievably considerate, astoundingly non-judgemental, gifted beyond what I understand, and kind of a badass. With Karen, the answers that had evaded me were not only more clear, but more importantly, within reach. You could call Karen medication for the soul. You could call her a spirit guide. You could call her a pretty awesome street-light that’s helping you down a dark road. I call her all of these things, and if you’re looking in the mirror with more questions than answers, I suggest you simply call her.”
Andrew W.
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