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Compliments from Cathy for Karen

My name is Cathy and I have had the honor and privilege to be client of Karen’s as well as have her work with special needs students in my classroom. Shortly after the sudden death of my healthy, vibrant father, I became unable to accept his passing and questioned many things in my life. I was searching for inner peace and felt broken and unable to cope with my life at that time. I was searching for answers and for the hurt to subside. I was fortunate to have met Karen Sarlo. As I was grieving, her energy work helped me heal from my feelings of heaviness so that I may return to the life that I know my loved one wanted for me. When in her presence, I felt at peace as she cleared my spiritual path, and allowed my healing to begin both inside and out. As I took this positive energy into my life, I began to speak about Karen’s work, I was asked if her work would benefit students in my special needs class. I work as a special education teacher. It is my passion and I feel blessed to be working with such special children and their parents. The children in the classroom have various degrees of exceptionalities. These students cannot speak, are confined to wheelchairs and rely on one to one support for their daily living With parental consent, Karen received the invitation into the classroom to meet a specific student. This student has been confined to a wheelchair his entire life and cannot speak. He has little to no movement and requires support for all aspects of his life. The moment Karen entered the classroom, the student’s limitations seemed to disappear, as she was able to be his voice. To witness this relationship was amazing. Karen instantly began letting those working with the student know many of his thoughts, his happiness, his worries and pains. As Karen worked with the energy of the student over a period of time, there was a noticeable shift in this students’ energy and those closest to him. By hearing these messages, staff were able to feel a deeper connection with the student and continue to provide the quality of care necessary for the student. A higher level of understanding was sought and healing messages were relayed, providing a sense of peace for both staff and student. While working in the classroom, Karen was very respectful of her client and the staff she worked with. Karen always honored each message she delivered and shared her thoughts with great sensitivity. Her kind and loving words found their way into the hearts of individuals whom needed to be heard and healed. Her sharing of this knowledge profoundly affected the student, his parents and those of us blessed to be working with special needs students. Her work is valued and has healed and helped so many individuals. Her love and belief in the power of healing and helping her clients is palpable.
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