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Compliments from Corinne Fleming for Karen

Harriett, I would like to thank you so much for inviting Karen Sarlo to the Living Fit Program (and a huge thank you to Karen for opening herself up to us and sharing her gifts). On December 12, during the presentation my heart really wanted to share with the ladies the experiences I have had with Karen. I know that if one has not experienced Karen’s many wondrous gifts, the prospect of this reality may be disturbing and somewhat frightening. However, this is the reality that Karen lives every day, and she is generous enough to share her insights with us. I would like to say that for myself such insights has provided awesome comfort and peace. At first I was overwhelmed by the idea but truly felt great excitement and wonder at the idea that I could communicate with those who had passed on. With these doubts, I approached my parish priest and I was pleasantly surprised with our conversation. He believes that we are spiritual beings first and foremost. Because of our spiritual nature the connection we share with family and friends is always with us, and people blessed by God with the ability to translate that presence into words is a real possibility. . The priest’s only advice was to say that I connect in a safe way and to make sure I was protected. This is why we are so blessed to have Karen who can share these experiences with us, protected by her spirit guides or angels. When we give ourselves a chance to have peaceful meditation we can be open to the possibilities and these gifts. With Karen, my parents have sent me beautiful messages of love (and yes even advice,) for they will always be my parents. Thank God! My Dad has protected me in the past from a near fatal accident, with his words of warning. My father also told me that he is in a place of love now and that he isn’t just alright but that he is absolutely fantastic. My Mom and Grandmothers are present with me for my healings. Women are always nurturing others, as we all know so very well. My most precious gift was that my Hayly (our deceased family pet) was able to communicate through Karen, to thank me from releasing her from pain and to ask us to stop grieving for her. She wanted us to know that she is running, playing and joyfully free of pain. We had no choice but to euthanize her three years ago due to the severe debilitating pain of osteoarthritis in both hips. You can`t imagine the relief from guilt and pain this message brought my family. The unconditional love we experience in these relationships are boundless and do not end at death. These are some of the awesome gifts that Karen has given me. I thank God every day that there is someone willing to share such talents for the benefit of those around her. God`s blessing to all.Testimonial Goes Here
Corinne Fleming
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