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Compliments from Emily H. for Karen

I came to Karen Sarlo a sad, confused, and lost human being. I’ve always had weird dreams about people I didn’t know, was highly sensitive to energy, and experienced weird encounters with the spirit world (like visions when meditating). I booked an appointment to first contact my grandfather, but when I walked in, she smiled kindly and said I had my own gifts – several of them, in fact. It all clicked for me – I left her house in a pile of tears because I felt so relieved and supported. It’s been about a year since then, and I can truly say I’ve become happier, more accepting of myself and others, and a healthier person. I have accepted my gifts, and am working on developing them. Karen gives me the tools I need to become responsible for my own life and make the best choices for me. She’s been completely accurate, even when I didn’t want her to be, but never leaves you feeling unhopeful or feeling unloved. She’s not just a psychic, medium, or energy healer (or any of her other gifts), she’s an educator.
Emily H.
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