Compliments for Karen from J.L.

Good evening Karen. In February I came to see you about a dream I had where a silver circle had a gold coloured square inside. The square broke into many smaller squares and moved out of the circle. You explained the meaning of this in the session. Since that dream, I get an easy 7-8hrs sleep every night and I dream the entire time. The dreams have people I have not seen nor communicated within a very long time, mostly from pre-military days. There is no violence, just calm dreams interacting with these people. Very nice change. You made a cameo appearance a few nights ago. I was walking at night on a street in a city and there was a light drizzle of rain. Lots of lights from restaurants and bars, and plenty of people on the sidewalks. As I walked along, you cut in front of me from my left to right. As you walked by, you turned and glanced at me with a smirk on your face. You kept walking and disappeared from view. I stopped momentarily as I was surprised to see you, but I returned a smirk and carried on along the sidewalk. Next time stop and visit.

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