Compliments for Karen from Julia Lennips

Hello Karen,

Last year I came to you because I had really bad digestion and anxiety. You suggested going to the Martin Clinic in Sudbury after you did some energy healing. You suggested I get my hormones tested, and to go to the clinic because I had sluggish digestion. You also recommended taking bone broth and probiotics to heal my gut. I ended up seeing a different naturopath, but they did not help me out, so I came to you again about the same digestive issues and physical symptoms I was having previously. You then told me my iron levels might be off in some way and that my anxiety was causing some issues with digestion. You told me his blood boost formula would probably be something that would help me get nutrition and my iron back to normal. 

Today I finally visited the Martin Clinic. Dr. Martin put me on cortisol control for my anxiety, hormonal support because I have estrogen dominance, bone broth and probiotics to heal my leaky gut, digestive enzymes and blood boost formula to fix my anemia. 

I’m thankful for your suggestions and for helping me find the resources I needed to figure out what was wrong. 

Julia Lennips

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