Compliments for Karen from Luc and Nicole A

Thank you Karen Sarlo!!!!

On Monday August 6th we got news that my husbands cousin was missing since 6:30 am on Sunday August 5th.  The family was in a panic and very worried as he had left for work and never showed up there.

On Tuesday morning when I woke up, for some reason Karen’s face popped up in my head.  I had met Karen in December when I had brought my daughter to see her for a medical intuitive session.

I remembered Karen telling me at that time that she works with police to find missing people and I knew I had to contact her to see if she could help us.

Her response was almost immediate and she asked if she could call me. She told us what my husband’s cousin was telling her.

Over the course of two days, Karen kept us informed on the information he provided and he took her on a path where he would be found.  He told her that he would be found on Wednesday and would be taken out by helicopter.

We contacted his family on Wednesday morning with the information we got from Karen who translated it to local police and volunteers that were searching the area. They immediately changed course and followed her instructions and found him after 3 days of searching in the wrong area…

Sadly he wasn’t found alive but because of Karen he was found and the family can at least have some closure.

He was found in a lake in a very wooded area… His brother shared with us that without the specific details provided by Karen, they probably never would have found him as they were not searching in the right area at all.

The original search was only a 300 m radius from where his car was found, his body, however was found 2 km from his car.

Though a difficult time for our family, we can not begin to express our gratitude to Karen in providing assistance but most importantly, providing closure to those who loved him most.

For those out there who have any doubts about mediums being real, we can tell you 100% that this one, KAREN SARLO, is not only real but a true gift!

From our entire family, we would like to say….Thanks a million Karen!

God bless you!

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