Compliments for Karen from N. Walsh

Many people doubt that what a medium or psychic have to say bears any truth. Skeptics try to dismiss their messages by saying the medium/psychic is expressing things that apply to many people or that they already had background information concerning your situation. These doubters should talk with Karen. In our session the things she told us no one would have known.

Let’s start with the fact that we live five hours away and my niece booked our appointment in her name and with her North Bay area code. My son’s girlfriend had recently died in a car accident and he desperately wanted some kind of contact with Liv. As Karen looked at my son you could see the feelings come over her as she realized what had happened. As Liv came “forward” Karen knew Troy had lost his girlfriend, that it was a sudden death and that another friend died as well.

Liv told Karen to tell my son that she knew he blamed Jordyn for the accident, but it wasn’t her fault. They were driving, singing to the music and something on the road caused their accident. The reasons for the accident were never discovered until a month ago a report done on the road two years before their accident was discovered.

Someone within the city had hidden a friction test completed on this highway. The test results proved the asphalt used on the road was faulty. Over the years this area of the road has seen innumerable accidents.

Many people sought medium and psychic readings when the girls tragically died. Karen was the only one that we had heard that said that the cause was “something in the road”. We thank Karen for her caring and kind manner as she helped Liv speak to Troy. It was an important step in his healing.

N. Walsh

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