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Compliments from Monic A. for Kelly

When we choose the path of recovery and wellness, inevitably, the people and circumstances we need to heal ourselves show up in our lives. When I met Kelly a few years ago, I was at a place in my life where I knew I was on the right path but didn’t quite know where it was going to take me. Although I had the willingness to heal and change aspects of my life that weren’t working for me, I lacked the faith needed to move on in my journey. I often felt alone and disconnected from my Inner Self.
From the very first session with Kelly, I began to sense and truly understand that we never travel alone on the road of life. Our loved ones, our Spirit Guides and our Higher Power are always there to inspire and guide us every step of the way.
Kelly was able to help me release fears and self-doubt that were holding me back by helping me tap into that well of inner strength I did not even know I possessed. Her ability to see past the debris of dysfunction and disease and to connect with our inner truths of Love and Beauty is only the beginning. She has been a gift in my life in many ways and I am grateful to have her be a part of my journey.
Monic A.
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