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Compliments from Monique for Karen

Our lives and hearts stood still on August 29, 2009 when our 18 year-old son Kyle was gravely injured in an ATV accident that left him paraplegic. His condition was further compromised a few days after his accident when he succumbed to Guillian-Barre Syndrome (GBS) that left him on life-support for 2 months. Adjusting to life after a spinal cord injury or any disability can be hard, however throw in the complications from GBS and you have a whole new level of recovery to deal with – both physically and mentally. Non-stop neuropathic pain and debilitating chronic fatigue has plagued Kyle since that fateful day in 2009 and we have continued to search every avenue to provide him some relief … then we met Karen … Karen came into our lives from a chance family meeting in the mall with a pledge to call ‘her’ one day. I remember that long-distance phone call so vividly … I introduced myself, as Kyle’s mother, and without saying much more than that, Karen ‘reached out’ and with her soft words, crept into my heart – the overwhelming relief and peace I felt almost immediately brought me to tears over the phone! I immediately introduced Kyle to Karen and they began to meet twice a week. He found treatments with Karen to be so gentle, soothing and so very relaxing. Her unique and powerful healing gifts have helped Kyle learn to manage some of his physical conditions as well as providing emotional support during this very difficult time. Their sessions have ranged from various healing practices to life-lesson discussions that leave Kyle both excited for the future and in deep reflection on his current life path. Her gifts, wisdom and ability to ‘feel from her heart’ have given Kyle such peace at this time in his life by provide him with such unique tools to help heal both physically, spiritually and emotionally. Thank you Karen for embracing who you are and sharing your wonderful gifts with us … we are truly grateful! I had been a client of Karen’s previously for myself, but my last visit was for my horse….M. She had been sick for over a week and it was progressively getting worse, two emergency vet calls, and she was still ailing. I wanted to do absolutely everything in my power for her, or if I couldn’t, I wanted to know when/if it was the right time to put her down. Karen instantly connected with her, confirmed some details that only M would know…and helped me understand what she had, that there was nothing we could do, that she was born with this ailment, and will always have it. But most reassuring, that she knew she was loved, and wasn’t afraid to cross over “love here and love there”…what wonderful words to hear. Karen worked further with her, M said that if she wasn’t able to run, she didn’t want to remain here, and was deciding what to do. In the end, after further working with her, Karen gave me hope that it was going to be okay….and she also gave me the peace of mind to know that whenever the time might be right, it will be obvious and the choice will be clear. M also taught me a valuable lesson that I still apply to my own life today…she was told she had to sleep outside (normally she enjoyed the comforts of a barn) for her health…this caused her fear…but she said she’d work through the fear, because on the other side of that will be joy, and soon she’ll enjoy sleeping under the stars every night. I will always be grateful for that lesson…work through your fear, because there will be joy on other side. Through Karen’s gifts, not only is my horse still with us, but I have peace of mind in being able to deal with her condition in future, and I know for certain that our horse, that we adore, knows we love her and are trying to do our best for her. Thank you Karen, your gifts are incredible, and I highly recommend you not only for personal sessions, but to help us heal those we love, both human and animal!
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