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Compliments from Heather S. for Kelly

I had asked for my session to be strictly Medical Intuitive information about my son, but I hadn’t realized that the other modalities Kelly offers are a necessary part of the process. She channeled future information about the number of Doctor’s I would see and who would finally be able to confirm a diagnosis. She was really gracious to explain how the information comes through for her and she asked my permission before giving me this future information that aided in the medical intuitive part of what I wanted. Kelly reminded me several times through the session that I was “in control”, meaning I could direct the session any way I wanted, which I found annoying at first until I realized about 40 minutes in that I was nervous, even though I had wanted the session and the information. I think when this clicked, I finally relaxed as much as I could. It took me a while to get my affirmations about the future information (meeting a specific Doctor and a few other Doctors before I found him), but it was bang on, right down to the description of his hair colour. I sort of shared a laugh with myself when I saw him and I knew that I was in the right place at the right time. That testimonial was long, but it was a process and I think that’s what I learned most from the session. Everything is a process. That and you can’t rush it (the process or a session lol).
Heather S.
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