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Compliments from Kristal Spiess for Karen

I am writing this letter about my personal experience with Karen Sarlo and how it has enhanced my yoga practice and my students’ yoga practice. I have been practicing yoga for 25 years and received my teachers training from the Esther Myers Yoga Studio in 2008. Yoga has always been a passion and taking the courses of journeying with Karen has enriched and deepened my beliefs in the power of yoga. Although I have always felt yoga has been my own personal healing journey off or on my mat, Karen has deepened my awareness of self and my connection to my inner self. Karen has a natural ability as an energy healer to touch people within their deepest sense of their feelings. She is able to bring out the very best of each student either in a one on one session or in a large group format. Her loving guidance and nurturing spirit is a comfort to all that have the honour to be in her presence. Many of the yoga students that I have had the opportunity to share the journeying courses with have all been inspired and changed by their experiences. Each course allows students and teachers to affirm their beliefs in her healing energy. After each course we are able to freely discuss our personal experience and it has been amazing the personal transformations that have happened for many of us. Some students that are living with personal problems have been able to release these feelings and emotions after the journeying experience. Karen is able to coach students through these experiences and confirm to them what they are living. This has helped change their lives for the better. Many of them have been astounded by their positive experience and continued healing benefits of Karen’s energy work. As for myself, I will continue on this path of journeying with Karen as I have noticed the benefits as I grow and learn under her guidance. Unless you have the opportunity to take one of her courses it is difficult to understand the significant changes and enormous impact it can have on your life. I would recommend everyone join Karen in this very personal and valuable experience and open a whole new world of growth. It will change and impact your life like nothing you have ever experienced. Karen is truly gifted and is a blessing that we can all glean from.
Kristal Spiess
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