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Compliments from Melissa P. for Kelly

Life Coaching was nothing like I thought it would be. Initially I approached Kelly for some sessions to gain tools for my marriage and I think in hindsight, what I really wanted to hear was that our troubles were my husband’s fault and that all the efforts I had made to fix things were good and just. Through conversations in my coaching sessions, Kelly helped me with deep personal reflections and the tools to become a better observer of my own life and I had to admit that my tendency to fix was my own control issue. I had to come to terms with the fact that these issues sparked a lot of the difficulty I, or we, were experiencing in the marriage/relationship. Thankfully Life Coaching isn’t just a pointing out of where issues stem from, but helped provide us with the tools to work together on our differences and ongoing disagreements. I’m learning to be a better listener. Kelly has an exceptional gift at making you feel safe and loved (something she stresses heavily in our sessions) and she’s also an exceptional listener. She’s someone I get to practice my new communication skills with knowing I won’t be judged or criticized even as I slip up during my process to strengthen them. I’m thankful for that because I’m still very hard on myself. She kindly reminds me of the big picture and we keep working at it together.
Melissa P.
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