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Compliments from Penny for Karen

I’ve seen Karen regularly for several years to help me navigate through the choices and challenges of everyday life. From relationships, to business, to health, and getting to know the spiritual world better, all questions are answered for me which most often align with my inner knowing as validation, but sometimes surprisingly snap me into a new awareness. I’ve learned what I’ve needed to learn, and for me, that has been lessons from past lives that I’m battling against in the moment, awareness when my ego speaks louder than my spirit, about how and why things are the way they are, … even when I don’t like the answers, and just how magnificent and creative I am, but needed a third party to show me. I value the time I spend with Karen. I trust her and go into session without doubt or fear, thus getting a major download of excellent information from which I feed off of for months, even years. I’ve gained both personally and professionally from these sessions, and I always look forward to another one.
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