• Thank You for Karen

Compliments from Rosetta S. for Karen

My dad died before I was born. When I went to see Karen with my Mom and brother, I was hoping she would be able to tell me things about him that my Mom could confirm and to prove to me that he is still around me somehow. I wanted to believe he didn’t really choose to leave me and that he did love me before he died and maybe that he still does. My marks at school suck and I feel pretty isolated a lot of the time. My doctor says I’m depressed but I’m only 12 years old. I thought adults got depressed not kids.
Karen told me about my dad’s life before he met my Mom. My dad described his whole family to her and how he looked too. I saw pictures of him before he got married I so knew she was right. Karen also told us things about my brother and I that dad couldn’t know because he hasn’t been here, like when I was hit by a car. He told her what my bedroom looks like and I really liked that a lot. When I go to bed at night I think it is so cool that he can see me in my room. It helps me sleep better.
Rosetta S., Michigan,USA
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