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Compliments from S. Foisy for Kelly

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Kelly and Karen work together at their Evening with Mediums events, as well as experiencing Kelly’s gifts in one-on-one sessions. When I first met Kelly, I was at a place in my life where I was questioning everything and looking for direction. Using all of her gifts, Kelly not only provided me with clarity for how to move forward, but has also provided me with the tools to help me each time I feel stuck wondering how I will manage or keep going.  She has also given me her continued support through all of my ‘aha’ moments and never forgets to celebrate me each time I take a step forward. Some of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt have been about self-love and healthy boundaries, which Kelly and Karen continue to teach me through their weekly podcasts as well as their Evening with Mediums events. They both deliver messages with integrity and intention, creating a safe environment full of love and respect for every soul that walks through the door. I highly recommend both of them to everyone, I guarantee you’ll learn something from the experience!
S. Foisy
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