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Compliments from Terry for Karen

My spiritual journey with Karen began in 2007, after the death of my husband and father and with Karen’s most gifted ability of healing, channeling and the depth of truth thru journeying and the spirit world has been amazing. Karen’s incredible gifts cannot be described in words, but, needs to be felt with the heart, mind and body. In my many sessions with Karen, I always requested that she be very open as to what she was feeling, seeing, hearing and who was with us visiting from the “other” side. I will share with you a number of personal experiences that Karen and I have had together……. In July 2010, during a session with Karen, I told her that I would like to contact my aunt, as I needed to speak with her with regards to my cousin, Ken. She didn’t know my aunt’s name, but, she was able to contact an older woman whom gave Karen the following information, so that I knew whom I was speaking too. My aunt told Karen that her other son John was with us during this session, and that I knew who John was. Thru this session, Karen indicated that there was something wrong with Ken’s pancreas and that he was in a lot of pain and was travelling to the other side and that he did not have long to live. Ken, died on the 4th of Sept of pancreatic cancer at 54. During one of our sessions, Karen told me that there was an older gentleman, small in stature with white hair and wore glasses that wanted to speak with me. This man told Karen to tell me that he had a message for me, and I would know who he was by giving Karen information about himself. Karen had no knowledge how my father passed away. Karen started to describe how she was having pain and breathing problems in her left chest area, and that her throat hurt and someone was trying to push something down her throat and it was hard to breathe. Also, this older gentleman indicated that he had pain in his stomach area and that he didn’t want to leave me, but, he needed to go as it was his time and that during the months before he passed away, that he travelled many times to the “other” side and was also helping my mother right now as she was not well. During a biopsy with a scope down the throat my father was diagnosed with lung cancer and during the last few months the cancer had spread to his liver area. In the last couple months of my dad’s life, he would have a blank look in his eyes and they would be staring off in the distance….we all knew that he was not with us during this time, he was travelling. In May 2011, during a session with Karen, she told me that there was an older woman in my life that I was very close to me had a problem with her throat and it probably was cancer. At that time, I didn’t know anyone close to me was sick. In the middle of June, my mom went to the doctor because she had laryngitis and a biopsy was done on her throat, it came back negative for cancer. The doctor was not convinced so he performed another biopsy in October which came back as Cancer. During this time the need to see Karen for energy healing was very strong and her natural ability to see beyond, she told me that the older woman, who kept coming to our sessions, also had a spot on her chest and that she was very sick and would be leaving this world, but, would have a very painful death. My mom, was diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2011, lung cancer in November 2011 and the last six weeks of her life, the cancer had spread into the bone and was in severe pain. She passed away in October 2012. With the natural ability to communicate and receive messages from loved ones and others, the healing of the mind, body and heart is one of the most fantastic gifts and Karen’s willingness to share her experiences with others, the love for what she does would help so many people. Is there Life after Death, yes Do we travel to the “Other” side before we leave this world, yes. Does the soul leave our “body”? Yes. During my mother’s last few days, these are some of the things that happened and witnessed by my family members…… Who is standing at the doorway? (No-one was there that we could see) Who is standing on the balcony as she looked up in the corner of her hospital room? Who touched my elbow? (no one was there), Looking up to the ceiling in her hospital room, she told my two girlfriends and myself that there was a door up in the sky, we asked, “Is it open”, she said no, “It’s sideways” Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift and giving me so many beautiful memories and experiences. So many people would benefit from Karen’s sessions……just take a walk……..just once and you will understand. Words cannot describe my thanks, but, needs to be felt.
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