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Compliments from Val B. for Kelly

I had heard about Karen and Kelly’s Evening with Mediums events through a good friend of mine and this event was where I learned that Kelly was also a Life Coach. I was initially struck during the public event at Kelly’s frank, yet gentle honesty and insight beyond her years. I had been wanting to make some changes in my life and thought I’d give Life Coaching a try. I walked into her initial assessment with concerns about whether or not we would have chemistry and the value of information for me, what with Kelly being younger, but it was clear in that very first session how committed Kelly was to me, or me becoming the best version of myself. A good coach guides you to do what inspires you, helps you discover what that might be, guides you to learn and contribute and does all of this with no judgment, just support.
This year has been a positive, life affirming, and thoughtful journey. I am a successful and confident business women, wife, mother, daughter and friend. This year has been a game changer…I have cleared out a lot of things that just weren’t working for me, examined old beliefs I have carried that no longer serve any purpose and have learned to constantly ask myself “Do I want to? Is this my business? Is this helping me get to where I want to be?” I have learned to ask good, hard questions.
Life Coaching is not easy; it is not an hour of positivity and praise. it is work. It is thinking and reflecting. You will be called out- my favourite Kelly line is “Your bar is set a little low there, Val!!” There are days she kicks your butt and says Bullshit when I am trying to sugarcoat things, but it’s the gal you want if you want to make some meaningful changes in your life and open up discussion in a safe and loving space.
Val B.
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