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Compliments from Matt H. W. for Karen

I dreamt of Karen for the first time about 2 months ago. She told me in my dream that her name was Karen Sarlo and she looked exactly like she does on her website picture. In the dream she took me to a room and told me she was learning how to heal and help people on earth. I remember her putting her hands on my shoulders and I began to feel better. When I awoke, I Googled her name and found her. I live in India so we planned a session by Skype. While we talked, she described all of my medical issues in detail and explained a lot about the emotional stuff I have experienced for years. She made me feel calm because she knew all of this stuff about me and has never even met me. It’s hard to explain, but Karen knew medical things about me. She knew left and right side stuff about my body pain too, like how my right shoulder had an old injury in it from 4-5 years ago and that I injured it in a soccer game; then how I have a left hip problem with sciatica. It was pretty darn accurate even to how I got the injuries. It isn’t logical to me that she could know this, but she did. A few days after our call I started to feel better. Since then I only need to skype with her once in a while to help me sleep (I couldn’t before because of the pain).
Matt H. W., India
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