The Dance of Horses and Humans (EP 86)

One of Karen and Kelly’s favourite guests returns to this week’s episode of Coffee with the Sarlos, Dr. Karen Barnes of North Bay Animal Hospital! Karen joins the ladies today to talk about the beautiful relationship that is built between humans and the ever-sentient beings- horses- in the process of competing in dressage. She illustrates the intricate nuances of non-verbal communication with these majestic animals so that the two can function as partners, in sync with one another. As she discusses this relationship with the horse, both of the Sarlo ladies draw some excellent parallels to our relationships with other human beings and why they do or do not function healthy and with ease.

For horse-lovers it will be no surprise at the amount of lessons and tools that can be taken away from today’s podcast, and for those us who have no experience with horses, you are certain to walk away with a deep appreciation for both the animal and soul of a horse and the opportunity they provide us to understand life and relationships on a much, much deeper and more conscious level.

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