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Emotional Paralysis (EP 108)

Good morning everyone! This is one doozy of an episode- it’s all about the terrifying feeling of emotional paralysis that follows a lifetime of being criticized. Today Karen shares a client story about a deceased father who showed up in his daughter’s session to apologize for being hypercritical of her her entire life. Personal responsibility is the first thing he checks off his list of lessons he’s learned since crossing over and he shows up in spades to point out to his daughter just how horribly his behaviour has affected and continues to affect her adult life.

In this episode we hear about deceased loved ones helping us identify the origin of our anxiety issues and exactly how they can present themselves in our bodies. Karen and Kelly discuss the addict personality of victims of hypercriticism, the physical symptoms that become evident when we suffer from these years of (sometimes consciously subtle) torment and how we can eventually position ourselves into isolation from our friends, family and the social world when we don’t develop the tools necessary to fight back.

When a brain, a heart, a soul- our every cell lives a lifetime of criticism we develop certain belief systems that we cannot be seen, heard or felt by others for fear that we will be put down. We buy into the belief that we need to ‘fly under the radar’ and so our life is squashed. Our ability to think is squashed. And so we become emotionally paralyzed.

As an all-too-common problem in our world today, the need to educate oneself about emotional paralysis is increasing. Today’s podcast of Coffee with the Sarlos will hopefully open those doors and allow your life to shift, even if ever so slightly.

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast show you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!

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