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Grati Tuesdays

Outdoor Office

"Long-distance sessions are being done outside today. We are always grateful for an outdoor office on these bright sunny days!" #gratituesday

SugarDaddy Cupcakes and Catering

"THESE CUPCAKES!!! They are to die for. Nathan and John are an unbelievably creative couple baking and designing these mini mouth-watering masterpieces! I can't get enough! Check them out here at their Facebook Page" - Karen Sarlo #gratituesday [...]

Valentine’s Day

Swapped cards and a fun little surprise this morning with my soulmate. So much love. 

The Best of GratiTuesday 2016 – Anxiety

“The integrity of Anxiety in the body seemed to peek people’s interest this year, so much so that you Liked it all the way to #1 in our #gratituesday category! Make close friends with it so it can help better [...]

The Best of Gratituesday – Soak It In

“#gratituesday’s #4 post for 2016 is 'Soak It In’. We’re thrilled you love the idea of taking a moment for yourself to really understand/accept things."

Help From the Little One

Parker wants to be a part of everything, probably because we trained him to be. We both love what he contributes to our lives. - Kelly

More Magic

5 MOVIES! YES! 5 MOVIES for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. This means more magic for another generation which means we'll have more people growing up in a world where Wonder and Awe are still encouraged. You bet [...]


"Kelly helped me reorganize the entire house a couple of years back. This was one of the worst (and last) rooms to get done. I am so thankful because a decluttered home allows for a decluttered mind." - Karen Sarlo


"When a client makes a point to tell me that they were referred by someone, I make a point to write a Thank You note to that individual because they've taken the time to help by business grow. Gratitude fosters [...]

The Perfect Crunch

"The crunch in my Gala Apple. I think everyone is familiar with the anger or annoyance or disappointment you feel biting into a soft apple. That perfect crunch is a magnificent thing any day of the week and sometimes on [...]


"For the people who are really as open as they say they are. It's so beautiful when people are willing to listen with an attitude or an intention to learn." - Karen


"Silence. Both women allow for silence in a session and don't rush me to figure our what I need or want from channeling. It made me realize I don't really get chance to be silent with people in my life." [...]

Fresh Flowers

Fresh Flowers- I remember, ever since I was a little girl, whenever there was a big life change Mom would come home with fresh flowers- usually tulips- and she'd scatter them in vases around the house. It was beautiful. Fresh [...]


"Warts- my warts remind me of my anger and to makes sure I am expressing it in healthy ways or poof- here it is (anger) all ugly-like in this old wart" - Client (age 8) thanking Karen for explaining what [...]

Time Travel

"Time travel. Whenever I get the notion that I might be getting bored, I remember how many places I've yet to go and I just sort of vacate for a bit. But like... vacation to those places, not just vacate [...]