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On the Grid (EP 106)

Join us on the grid this morning! Kelly is sharing the most inspiring dream she’s ever dreamed in her 29 years of human life! Kelly had the joy of experiencing time travel where she was able to see and hear every lifetime of her soul’s past, present and future. You will hear a description of the physical sensations of the dream itself and an honest attempt to explain the lingering feelings that exist long after her human self awakens. Perhaps you can relate to these types of dreams or these feelings!

You will hear the tremendous excitement that one feels with this type of experience and you will also hear the kinds of lows that can follow. Ultimately, the dream reveals itself to be about purpose- life’s purpose. There is a common feeling among all of us that can be described as nagging, anxious, excited, etc. and they all relate to the desire or drive we have to find our purpose across our lifetimes.

Stepping onto the grid (which looks a whole lot like a human brain) is one of the most astounding experiences you can have. Hopefully this podcast allows you to understand some of your own journeys, dreams or imaginations where your soul has attempted to reconnect with you.

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast you can email Karen and Kelly at info@bysarlo.com. Enjoy!

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