• "Because of your low self-esteem, you, like many other survivors of emotional abuse or deprivation, have probably searched for something outside of yourself for a sense of completion and a sense of being worthwhile. You may have looked to romantic love as a solution for your feelings of incompleteness and inadequacy (loneliness). But no one but yourself can complete you, fill up your emptiness, or give you a sense of meaning." - Beverly Engel, Healing Your Emotional Self

Healing Your Emotional Self By Beverly Engel

Sometimes our inner voice wins all of the battles and the war. You don’t get a voice, or a thought, belief or choice that is entirely of your own self. Sometimes you don’t know where you begin and someone else ends. Engel is absolutely brilliant in helping you find yourself or in some cases, create yourself because you may have never existed at all. Engel won’t give up on you either, because she knows you already did. She provides you with beliefs, thought systems, helps you develop new, healthy patterns and starts you on your way to a life that you can now call your own. I know firsthand how many of you need this desperately. So ta-da. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Beverly Engel. And she is a real person too….you can email her, and set up an appointment to speak to her personally. So I will be the first to say….get started, or get on with it; whatever you need to hear today. Just get doing something different. I’m on your side.


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