• Hello…do you have hemorrhoids ma'am?

Hello…do you have hemorrhoids ma’am?

It was a week before Christmas and the local center in our community was hosting an evening of musical entertainment.  My friend, Dani, and I decided to partake in the evening of classical music and dance feeling lighthearted and excited.  I was not expecting what was coming at all.

We entered the center where crowds of people were seeking their seats, chatting with friends while anticipation filled the air.  Dani was following me down the aisle in search of our seats.  I pulled out my ticket to make sure I had the right row … H16.  Just as I turned to my left to face the H16 row’s other occupants, I felt a sharp pain in the bum.  You know this feeling if you have had the displeasure of experiencing hemorrhoids.  This hemorrhoid was big and swollen, tucked up in my buttocks, situated to the right side…except I didn’t have hemorrhoids.  My buttock was just fine.  So whose was this?

Without missing a beat I said to the lady facing me, sitting in her seat, “Oh dear you have hemorrhoids!”  Apparently I said it loud enough for many, many, people to hear in several rows both in front and behind of us. People turned to stare at us.  Dani grabbed my arm, pulling on it, saying to me “Karen not tonight.  We’re supposed to be out relaxing.  You’re not supposed to work tonight.  Can’t you turn it off?  Can’t you just not feel things for other people for one night?”

I had no time to reply to Dani as the lady I addressed replied quickly, “Yes I do have hemorrhoids and Honey if you know that about me and we are strangers then you must be able to help me get rid of this pain.  Can you help me with that?  I’d love to watch this show without this terrible pain in my butt.”

“I certainly can try” I replied.

“Hey how do you know she had hemorrhoids?” asked a gentleman in the row directly in front of us.

“I have mirror touch synesthesia which means I feel in my body what other people are feeling.” I answered him in the best one-liner explanation I’ve come up with so far.

As I took my seat beside this woman, she leaned into me and asked a second time if I would help her.  She asked me if I was one of those people who did energy healing and got feelings I couldn’t always explain and I confirmed her thoughts.  No use explaining all of the modalities I have studied and practiced as the simple point was that a person needed help and asked.  I liked that a lot.  We felt a connection to each other instantly.

Not much more was said until the end of the show.  No sooner did the last note finish in the encore song when an older woman sitting a few rows closer to the stage turned towards us and yelled “Hey lady so did she help you?  How did you enjoy tonight’s show?”

My seatmate with hemorrhoids replied “I felt great.  No pain after the first 5 minutes or so.”  She turned to me and placing her hand on my arm said “I don’t understand how you knew, what this mirror touch synesthesia thing is or why you had a ticket to sit next to me tonight, but I’m so glad we met, so happy you helped me.  Thank you Honey.”

I don’t get to pick and choose when I feel another person’s physical or emotional pain but this Christmas eve at a concert I was so very happy to help one person feel less pain.  Living with MTS (mirror touch synesthesia) is complicated and not many people know about it making it difficult to explain to others however it is what I have come to see as a gift instead of a problem.  It makes me grateful to have it when I can use it, combined with my healing gifts, to help others. Whether it is something significant or something like the pain and discomfort of hemorrhoids, it is good to know we can still connect to each other and help each other.

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