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ICYMI – In Case You Missed It

Controlling People By Patricia Evans

Omg they are everywhere. They want control over you, their family members, co-workers, the boss, the person in the next booth, their own death and even the man on the moon. They even want control over their own funeral [...]

Co-dependent No More by Melody Beattie

Right between the eyes! Melody Beattie is a straight shooting author and advocate for anyone suffering with co-dependent behaviour whether you are the enabler or the obvious addict. You can be addicted to alcohol, work, physical fitness, drugs, your [...]

ICYMI: Euthanizing Our Pets

ICYMI: Dr. Karen Barnes discusses the mature and compassionate decision to euthanize (y)our pets. Euthanizing Our Pets EP 35 #ICYMI

ICYMI: The Man Box

A “Man Box”- Learn what one is and why you need to keep yourself or any male you know out of one. Tony Porter talks about the language men use to hurt each other, since early childhood. He affirms [...]

More Videos On Their Way!

ICYMI: bysarlo.com has a slew of videos that are definitely helpeful if you're wanting to understand what Karen and Kelly do. More videos are in the works this week, but you can check out the website's archives to catch [...]

The Man Box

A “Man Box”- Learn what one is and why you need to keep yourself or any male you know out of one. Tony Porter talks about the language men use to hurt each other, since early childhood. He affirms [...]

Circumcision: The Elephant in the Hospital

Healthy male babies means healthier boys, teenagers and male adults. While you may have a baby who isn’t circumcised because Canada does not mutilate male babies anymore, you may know an adult male who is living with the consequences of [...]

  • [ted id=1721]

The Invisible Man

Perfect timing. This Ted Talk will hit you right between the eyes…for so many reasons. You will share it before you even finishing watching it. Liu Bolin, an artist, paints himself into anything and everything with a unique, fascinating [...]

The Mask You Live In

Also available on Netflix, The Mask You Live In is a remarkable documentary focusing on the heartbreaking concepts and cycles of masculine behaviour. Grab your Kleenex. You won't be disappointed in this film. https://itunes.apple.com/CA/movie/id1080836920  

More To Kelly

ICYMI: Kelly is also a Certified Life Coach. While she and her mom have their own practices as Mediums, Medical Intuitives, Psychics and Energy Healers, Kelly also has her own Life Coaching practice where she sits down with clients one-on-one [...]

Honouring the Birds All Week

ICYMI: we had a beautiful podcast featured two Saturdays ago that is in alignment with our intention to honour birds this week. Check it out!

An Evening with Mediums Event Process

ICYMI: Check out this podcast we recorded a while back that explains our process of prepping for and decompressing from our Evening with Mediums event!

Meet Kelly Sarlo

ICYMI: Want some insight into Kelly? Have a look at her page. Kelly has quite the diverse set of skills to help anyone. Have a look! Give her a call today to make your appointment! Meet Kelly

Coffee with the Sarlos Archive

ICYMI: There's an entire page on our website dedicated to an archive of Coffee with the Sarlos episodes. If you're not already subscribed to iTunes, get on it OR you can visit the site to relive some of our past [...]

Long-Distance Accessibility

ICYMI: Don't live in North Bay? No problem! We've got a Toll Free number for anyone living in North America. Give us a call and we can set up a long-distance session for you. There's no reason to miss out!

It’s A Hard Knock Life

ICYMI: We sat down with a good friend who experienced what it's like to be laid off. This hit home with many people across the province at this time last year.  

Pure Connection

ICYMI: We don't have to hold a darn thing from a loved one when we're connecting to their spirit. That's the gist of the video... but watch it anyway 🙂

Meet Karen Sarlo

ICYMI: CTRL productions captured the essence of Karen as an Energy Healer and Human Being. Isn't she remarkable?

Our YouTube Channel

ICYMI: We started a YouTube channel a while back with the hopes of educating more people about what we do, how we do it and of course, most importantly, WHY!

Consent Podcast

ICYMI: Although it only came out a few weeks ago, this podcast is an important one to hear. It is the process we walk each client through so that you feel safe in your experience with us. [...]

Introducing Medical Intuitive

ICYMI: Karen and Kelly break down the differences between similar gifts (empath) and describe some of their experiences with clients and the discovery of this gift in the first place.

Yogotta Be Kidding Me!

A look at the amazing things our body does to alert of us physical, emotional and mental pain. #ICYMI

Team Work

Our podcast about finding a missing person. Guest: Gaston Vincent #ICYMI

Amanda’s Answers

A podcast about a young woman who was able to connect with her biological parents to receive some answers about her familiy's medical history. #ICYMI


Late last month we came out with Part II of this podcast. Here's the original if you didn't get a chance to listen! #ICYMI https://bysarlo.com/the-joys-and-struggles-of-an-empath-ep25/

Fun Times

Do we have fun living with these gifts? Heck yeah... ish... #ICYMI

Viewing from Afar

This podcast was a wicked-cool story about remote viewing the past. Karen checks in on minutes of a meeting that was never supposed to happen in the first place. #ICYMI