Introducing Dr. Katrina Neil (EP 102)

Happy Saturday listeners! Welcome to Coffee with the Sarlos. Karen and Kelly Sarlo are beyond excited to welcome one of their favourite professionals on their health team, chiropractic doctor Katrina Neil of North Bay, ON.

On today’s show the ladies sit down with Dr. Neil to gently introduce listeners to the world of Chiropractic care. While it seems impossible to Karen and Kelly that so many people are still skeptical or non-believers of the benefits chiropractors provide, the ladies seek to bust the inaccurate stereotypes of the chiropractic experience by initiating the show asking Dr. Neil to articulate more clearly for people what chiropractors do.

Dr. Neil is well spoken, pointed and does an excellent job of creating mental images of the body so listeners can envision the type of experience they can have when they open themselves up to this type of profession. In good, old enthusiastic Sarlo nature, Karen and Kelly agree with the points Dr. Neil makes about how chiropractors work tremendously well in conjunction with other necessary professionals when individuals are faced with unique physical needs.

And of course, as Mediums, Medical Intuitives, Psychics and Energy Healers, Karen and Kelly are excited to hear Dr. Neil share the ways she uses her own intuition ‘along with her medical knowledge and clinical expertise to carry out chiropractic care of her patients’ and how that trust in her own intuitive abilities has changed and grown throughout the years.

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