An Investigation of History Part III (EP 84)

Welcome back, Mr. Jim Lennips, for Part III of An Investigation of History! Karen and Kelly are thrilled to be sitting back down with Jim as he recounts all kinds of evidence he has dug up in the past couple of months.

To recap, Jim is a recurring client of Karen’s and his intention with each visit is to uncover the truth about his grandfather’s story in the military as a prisoner of war during WWII. During the sessions Karen channels information from Jim’s grandfather in what often comes out as riddles, and Jim consistently walks away from these sessions with a new sort of adventure in piecing all the tidbits together.

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcasts OR you have information/pictures that you think might help Jim along in this adventure, you can email the ladies at (appropriate messages will be forwarded to Jim for research purposes).

If you haven’t caught episodes the first two episodes the ladies suggest you take the time to listen in chronological order because the ‘gasps and wows’ will be that much more plentiful!

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