An Investigation of History Part IV (EP 110)

Jim is back! With Part IV of his investigation of history we continue to follow Jim and Karen on their journey to uncovering how his grandfather lived and travelled throughout World War II. As we’ve heard in the first three parts of Jim’s story, his frequent sessions with Karen (who channels Jim’s grandfather) are full of riddles and clues as to his whereabouts throughout this period of time. Having retired from the military, Jim has dedicated this chapter of his life to uncovering these riddles and clues in order to piece together his grandfather’s untold story.

This episode will jump back and forth from clues we heard throughout the first three episodes and tie together some of the things we’ve been waiting to understand. The remarkable thing about today’s show is the theme of time travel and how both Karen and Jim’s father use it to their advantages to bring Jim and his grandfather closer to each others’ stories! You’ll want to celebrate Karen, hearing how long it has taken to receive some affirmations and you’ll most certain feel the beautiful connection we all hope for as you hear how our lives can be witnessed perfectly even after our own passing. This podcast might push the hour mark, but you won’t want to quit it!

If you have questions or comments about today’s podcast show, you cam email Karen and Kelly at Enjoy!

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