• Invisible Acts of Power

Invisible Acts of Power By Caroline Myss

Myss provides you with a whole new way to see and deal with your pain and health issues. She brilliantly explains medical intuitive (Kelly and Karen are medical intuitives) and energy healing (which we also both do) in detail. She also applies it to everyday life situations so you can easily understand everything. I’m suggesting this book so you can stop running to professionals expecting them to fix you and take charge of your health in a more pro-active way. Sure you still may need them but you will be a better, more educated patient for them. Also, you learn a whole new kind of vocabulary so you sound smarter (and are) too. Learning about your energy and how you have control over it and can share it with others in a positive way can really help you love your own life more….and other peoples’ lives too. I wish Myss could teach ISIS a thing or two. The whole planet would be a better place…but just start with you.

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