• Coffee With the Sarlos

I’ve Always Hated Double Dutch (EP 61)

This week the ladies discuss a touchy, but thought-provoking topic about the many reasons people who are in the process of dying can’t seem to just, well… pass. As always, Karen and Kelly approach ideas from every angle that includes 1) the dying individual 2) the loved one who is left behind and 3) the souls themselves. In what many humans refer to as “the journey” or “the journey home” there are so many questions about how and why this process begins and ends. Somewhere amidst the human structure of belief and the souls’ contract it is certain there will be moments of confusion, pain and what the ladies are calling Death Paralysis that can hold one back from one’s final rest. What Karen and Kelly are hoping you won’t miss are remarkable lessons to be learned in all of this so that your own process or your loved ones’ process(es) might be a little more conscious and patient.

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